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The Sunday Seven

Posted: April 7, 2013 in Sunday Seven
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So, I stated in the Backstory post that I wanted to start something called “The Sunday Seven” in which I will briefly talk about seven things that happened this week. I’m hoping that this series will grow into something great that I look forward to writing on Sunday evenings, because as of now I’m trying hard to scrape together seven things 😉

Without further adieu, I present to you “The Sunday Seven: Edition 1”:

1.  I bought groceries this week. I know that probably isn’t too significant, but for me it definitely is. It’s not that I’m a procrastinator (or maybe I am) but I find that I don’t generally make huge grocery hauls. I find myself frequenting the Dollar General near my house on a regular basis when scrambling to get dinner on the table. So for me to make a list, drive to the store, and actually shop for groceries is a huge deal. My kiddo came along and managed the list for me, which was great, and we got ‘er done.

2. Let’s see, aside from my exciting grocery spree, I managed to start packing for our upcoming Disney World trip. It’s been eight years since I have been there last so I’m starting to get pretty excited. The kiddo eats and breathes Disney Princesses and she is thrilled beyond words. There has been much packing, preparing, and pixie dust in our home lately.

3. I registered for a really cool women’s event at our church this week. I also signed up my best friend. She doesn’t generally go to church, but she agreed to come to this ladies night with me. So, yeah…I’m excited about that.

4. I went to my first CR meeting this week. If you don’t know what CR is, Google it. It’s an awesome thing. Hopefully it will be something I will post about in the future.

5. Took the kiddo for school pics (again). Retakes had to be done at the last minute due to a camera malfunction, so we scurried and fought with her tangled mess of hair to get her ready. She cheesed it up beautifully and even struck her own poses to the photographer’s dismay. What can I say? The girl’s got it going on. 🙂

6. Hmm.. we hung out with some friends on Friday night, sans kiddo, which was nice. It’s funny how much you cherish adult conversation after you have children. It was great to sit back, laugh, and relax over dinner.

7. Last, but not least, I dived head first into the query trenches this week for my very first completed novel. I have been going back and forth about whether or not to seek representation or to just self-pub out of the box. My gut says to self-pub, but I couldn’t resist the urge to send out the manuscript anyway. Most likely, a flurry of rejections will pour in shortly. In the mean time, I’m working on editing and bettering the masterpiece…um, I mean book,  as much as possible. I would love to have it published by my birthday (coming up in June) but we’ll see. I’m still dealing with the “is it good enough?” blues.  Praying for confidence.


So, there it was…Seven random things about my week written and published on Sunday. 🙂


Until next time . . .