The Sunday Seven

Posted: May 20, 2013 in Sunday Seven
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Here it is: The Sunday Seven, round 2! Go!

1. I have been battling allergies this week in a serious way. NyQuil and I have gotten to know each other pretty well the last few nights. It is absolutely miserable being sick with flu-like symptoms when it is nearly 100 degrees outside. To top it off, my little one has been allergy-ish too. Blech.

2. I went to my first writing group today with a group of local authors. It was nice talking about all things writing. There’s something about being in a room with people who totally get what you’re up doing til the wee hours of the morning that is refreshing. I’ll admit, I felt a little embarrassed talking about my writing at first, but everyone was so genuinely nice that I warmed up quickly.

3. I have gotten some great beta feedback this week on my book which is super refreshing. I’ve had serious doubts about it lately and have even considered scrapping the entire thing. Finally, I came to my senses and decided to hold on a little longer. Self-pubbing as a birthday gift sounds like a wonderful idea. (June 8 will be here before I know it!)

4.  I got a promotion at work!! Woo hoo! ‘Nuff said, right?!

5. I got to visit a local teacher’s supply store this week, which is always therapeutic for me. The downside of the store, though, is that it is partly a toy store also, so if I have to go in there with the little one, chaos ensues shortly. This time, the little one and the hubs were out on a date, so I got to leisurely stroll about. It was great, I bought an organizational calendar for our spare room/classroom and bought a standardized test prep book for my little one. Strangely enough, she was thrilled about it, (she’s 5, what can I say?) so we’re gonna start doing some workbook pages tomorrow. I so love that she is still little enough to get excited about learning new things. Note to self: cherish these moments.

6. We had a cookout at the park on Saturday with my brother and sis-in-law. Even though it was dreadfully HOT, we still managed to have a great time. So glad they are back home. 🙂 Because of this outing, we are also now the proud owner of a new pet tadpole. :/ I don’t even wanna talk about it.

7. And finally, the last random bit about my week, I think I have decided that I would like to volunteer at the church nursery. I have been trying to find a place where I can plug in and serve, and I think the nursery just may be it. I may change my mind once I get in there, but we shall see. 😉


So, there you have it! The Sunday Seven! It wasn’t even much of a challenge to come up with this time! Hope my consistence continues!


Until next time…




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