The Sunday Seven

Posted: May 27, 2013 in Sunday Seven
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This week’s edition of The Sunday Seven has been brought to you by: Procrastination. Because I should be editing my book right now, not blogging.  😉

Okay, sarcasm aside, I really should be editing right now, so it’s gonna be short and sweet. Here we go!

1. My daughter got baptized today! This was a hugely awesome thing for her (she’s 5) and she was so pumped. Got a really cute video of the whole thing. Priceless. I cherish and revel in these moments. Thank you, God for making me her mommy.

2. Went to the drive-in movies this weekend; haven’t done that in forever!! It was a double feature night, Epic and the Croods, and my daughter’s first time at a drive in. (“You mean I really get to watch the movie sitting in the car? Like, for real?”)

3. We finally cleaned up the dog pens in our backyard today. I don’t feel like we have the redneck trashy house in the neighborhood anymore! hehe!

4. I’ve worked on my book a lot this week. I’m really beginning to have a love/hate relationship with it; I just hope readers won’t. :/

5. I have cleaned my house TWICE this week. That is so huge for me! I wish I could just say I’m becoming a super homemaker extraordinaire, but unfortunately that’s just not true. We have family coming over tomorrow. Have to make it look like I do something since I’m home all day.

6. The weather has been great this week, so I have spent a lot of time outdoors. My ghostly white skin thanks me for this.

7. I have caught up on all of the Duck Dynasty episodes that I have missed and finally watched the series finale of The Office. That is all.

So, there you have it. The Sunday Seven. BAM- just like that. Back to editing now.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Hope your long weekend is awesome!

Until next time. . .



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