So, This is IT!

Posted: June 7, 2013 in Writing
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I am beyond excited right now. Seriously, I’m feeling like this:

Why? You may ask. Well, my birthday is Saturday and it appears that I am on schedule to upload my first novel.


I am so excited not only to actually write a book, but to meet my deadline of publishing as a birthday gift. Still super nervous about how it may be perceived (I’m a newbie, but writers only get better with time and practice) but tonight, I’m letting those feelings go as I celebrate. 😀

I know that a lot of writers probably cringe when they think back to their first book. It seems conclusive that most shelf their first attempt and chalk it up to simply laying the foundation of their career. I’m going to be bold though and put my first attempt out there. I’m doing this for two reasons. 1.) I know if I don’t publish this first book, I won’t hold myself accountable to ever writing another. For me, it has to be all or nothing. 2.) I think it will be fun to see how much I grow as a writer.

So, there you have it. In just a few mere hours, TRUSTED will be available on Amazon.


I can’t wait!!

Until next time . . .



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