They’re Here!

Posted: June 13, 2013 in Writing
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So, look what arrived today:


There they are, in all their glory. 🙂
The first shipment of books has arrived. While this is exciting in its own right, a quick thumb through revealed a small error. 😦 Four words from chapter two carried over to the top of the chapter three page. While not a major catastrophe, it still irks me. Because I have a self-published product, I know it will be held at a higher standard. I want my book to look just as good as any other out there. So, rather than freak out over 4 little words, I have decided to embrace the mistake and consider these first 12 books “limited edition”. 😉
I will, of course, fix the flaw but I don’t consider it a complete loss. My hope is that people will be able to look past it and embrace the book for what it is: my first published novel. Flaws and all, I couldn’t be more proud.

If you would like a copy, sans flaws, check it out on Amazon. Paperback is only $10 and the eBook is $0.99. Also, there is a giveaway going on right now over at Good reads. Go ahead, check it out.

Until next time . . .



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