The Sunday Seven

Posted: July 2, 2013 in Sunday Seven
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Okay, so it will technically be after midnight here by the time I hit “publish post”, thus making this edition of The Sunday Seven available on…urm…Tuesday.

It’s been a bit crazy…it literally feels like the weekend never happened. What’s up with that?Oh well…here we go:

1. We have worked on the little one’s playhouse NONSTOP. Seriously, we’re all getting a bit obsessive over it. It’s turning out so cute though. So proud of my hubby. The little one and I made a haul for decor today; beanbag chairs were purchased as was Disney Princess paint. Good times.

2. I drove a lot today. Seriously. A couple hundred miles. It was all in the name of work (not writing…my real job) but it was exhausting. My brother went along for the ride though and it was nice catching up with him. Still…being in a car all day is just tiring!

3. The little one got to pick out some fireworks today. Her little eyes lit up when they handed her over the ginormous family pack. I remember those days. 🙂

4. I dug into my newest book quite a bit this week. The cover is designed and about 3500 words are in. The outline is complete. Feeling accomplished.

5. I got my first royalty payment for Trusted. 🙂 I cannot even begin to describe the feeling. Overjoyed probably sums it up, but it just doesn’t seem flamboyant enough to do it justice.

6. I have successfully stayed caught up on laundry all week. This is a major accomplishment in my book. It’s kind of nice not sifting through the giant pile-o-laundry for something to wear. I may have to keep it up. We’ll see.

7. I mentioned the playhouse earlier, but I guess what I really want to reiterate is that it has been great just hanging out with my little family. Sure, we argue and fight and I will probably never hold a level the correct way, but I love them to pieces. I hope all of the memories we are building will stick with my little one. She is our world.

Until next time. . .



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