Word of the Day

Posted: August 22, 2013 in Random
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Today, I endured several lengthy meetings at work.

I survived. But just barely.

Throughout the day, though, I kept hearing the overuse of a certain word. This word is not a typical one in my vocabulary. Even on the long drive home, I heard the word used by a deejay on the radio. Everywhere I went, the word seemed to haunt me.

So, what’s the word?


It sounds so fancy doesn’t it?

Being an English major and all, I like to think I immediately knew what it meant. Given the fact that it was used out of context quite a few times today, I don’t feel so silly.

Just so we’re all clear:


noun \ˈka-vē-ˌät, -ˌat; ˈkä-vē-ˌät; ˈkā-vē-ˌat\

Definition of CAVEAT
: a warning enjoining one from certain acts or practices

: an explanation to prevent misinterpretation

: a modifying or cautionary detail to be considered when evaluating, interpreting, or doing something

: a legal warning to a judicial officer to suspend a proceeding until the opposition has a hearing
So, there you go. The word has swished around in my head all day; now I’m sharing the love.
You’re welcome. 😉
As a side note, I’m thinking of sneaking the word into Destined; just for fun.
Until next time. . .

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