The Sunday Seven

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Sunday Seven
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It’s Sunday…here we go!

1. Just realized today that I somehow forgot to watch last week’s Breaking Bad!! I am planning to promptly catch up tomorrow; I feel so… so

2. While I wasn’t watching Breaking Bad, I was getting organized for the upcoming school year. I have binders made and stuff. I’m so ready.

3. We played a fun new board game tonight with my brother and sis-in-law (see below). Lots of good laughs. I highly recommend it.

4. The kiddo and I have played a whole lotta Aquabats lately. She LOVES the show and insists that we act it out all day every day. She’s all just herself and I’m all:

5. My crafting has [thankfully] slowed a bit. I’ve been much more productive with stuff that’s way more important like reading and making to-do lists and such. 🙂

6. I have found a new magical Glade scent for my Scentsy. My home smells like warm Apples and Cinnamon. Mmmm. Feels like Fall is on the way…. which makes me realize that I need to hurry up and finish my book….which brings on a bout of anxiety. :/

7. And finally, I am fairly certain that my dog ate my paycheck yesterday. The mailman delivered a package and left the loose mail with it on the porch; needless to say, the puppy had a field day with it. I found bits and pieces of a Capital One offer all over my back yard. I’m not certain that my paycheck was in the stack but, well….we’ll know in a few days. 😉

Until next time. . .



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