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Oh, Baby!

Posted: August 8, 2014 in Uncategorized


So, life just got a whole lot crazier thanks to that tiny blip up there.

Yup, Baby #2 is on it’s way!

Between a full time job, homeschooling the Princess and trying to finish my third novel, I have to say that a new baby was the last thing I expected. I had all of these visions of time to myself, binge-watching Saved By the Bell while the little one was at school. . . they’ve now been blurred by morning sickness and extreme fatigue. :/

In times like this, when life just seems all mixed up and crazy, I have to remind myself that God knows what He’s doing.  Even though I don’t even have a full chapter of Broken finished nor do I have everything done for school that I need to, I have to remain calm in the fact that everything will be okay.

Accepting prayers for a healthy baby, a successful school year and a finished novel (or 2). 😉

Happy writing everyone. . .me and this kiddo are off to bed.