FAQ for Readers

Are there other books in the Trusted Series? Surely you won’t let it end like that!

Yes! Check out the “Books” tab above. There will be four books in the series: Trusted, Destined, Broken, and Forgiven. My goal is to have all four books published by the Summer of 2014.

Where did the name Tegan come from?

My daughter’s name is Tegan and I thought it would be fun to name the main character after her. The name actually does mean “beautiful” and I totally copied the spelling from Tegan Quinn from the band Tegan and Sara. My daughter (she’s 5) loves telling strangers, “My mommy wrote a book about me and I fall in love with this guy but the policeman doesn’t want me to.” Yeah, lots of fun explaining after a statement like that. 😉

Do you have any other books besides the Trusted Series?

Well, I have plans to write other books. 😉 There are a lot of ideas swirling around in my head that I am dying to put down on paper (er, laptop). Now that I have found the confidence to write, I need to find the time!

What is Trusted about?

Without totally repeating the synopsis, it is about a young girl named Tegan Summers that doesn’t quite feel like she fits in. She isn’t popular, isn’t very self-confident; she just kind of blends in. When she meets this super hot teenage radio deejay, she can’t believe he gives her the time of day. As they begin a relationship, however, a strange presence starts to haunt Tegan and try to force her to stay away from her new love. Trusted is the first book in a wild ride for Tegan.

Can I read Destined before it is published? I need to know what happens with Damien.

I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I already have a super fabulous group of beta readers that eagerly await my next book. (Right, ladies? lol )  I promise to finish the book as soon as humanly possible and offer it at the lowest price I can for your reading enjoyment. Honestly, thank you for liking my books. 🙂

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