FAQ For Writers

I am a writer and I would like to publish my book. Do I need an agent? A publisher? Where do I start?

First, congratulations on writing a book! I know personally what an accomplishment that is! These days, the road to publication is entirely up to you! You can try the traditional route of querying an agent or the route I went, self-publishing. You should definitely go and Google both methods and take the time and initiative to research each. I am a firm believer that there is not one way that is “better” or “easier” but it depends more on what you are looking for regarding your book. Just remember, NEVER pay anyone to publish your book. Money should always flow towards the author. Don’t be duped by a scam or vanity press. Do your homework and be smart.

How should I market my book?

That is totally up to you. I am still new at all of this, but I have found word of mouth to be the most effective. Social media is great (so is having a super proud husband  that tells anyone that will listen about your book’s greatness), but just putting it out there and expecting people to flock to it isn’t realistic. Just dig in and find what works for you.

I’ve written a book called (insert title here), would you mind to read and critique it for me?

While I’m sure your book is awesome (because anyone who actually finishes a book is awesome, so it must ooze awesomeness by default), I am still actively writing and honing my own skills. You honestly probably wouldn’t benefit from my opinion anyhow; I am extremely self-critical but find it hard to locate flaws in other people’s work. Check out some of the helpful links below and get yourself some beta readers- they seriously make the difference!

Do you have any helpful sites that you would recommend to new writers?

Absolutely! Below are several sites that I have used along the way.





Writer’s Digest

Absolute Write




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